• Everyone knows a healthy dose of imagination is essential to any little seedling’s growth. Pamper your prized petunias with a drink from this dainty Tulip Watering Can, sculpted of patinaed brass metal with a clever parrot-tulip handle and debossed spots, stripes, and squiggles. A perfect pour for…

    Product Number: 280-0014
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  • Give your local songbirds a MacKenzie-Childs home! Durable metal, hand-painted with pastel checks, soft stripes, and bold color-dragged chevron. Bring the Belfry Birdhouse indoors during cold weather months.

    Product Number: 280-0960
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  • Tending the flowerbeds is no small chore on the farm, but the Butterfly Watering Can keeps our gardeners whistling while they work. This charming cast metal tool reminds us that while sometimes gardening means getting your hands dirty, there’s no reason you can’t do it with style.

    Product Number: 280-0015
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  • From the birds to the bees, MacKenzie-Childs’ unusual garden designs add fun and play to any outdoor space. Give your local songbirds a MacKenzie-Childs-style home with a bit of exotic flair in the Pagoda Birdhouse.

    Product Number: 280-0930
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  • Here on the farm, the rhythmic lullaby of our lily pad philharmonic—the bullfrog bass line, the spring peeper’s twangy strum—is often interrupted by the kerplunk of a splashing soloist, reminding us that no creature embodies irreverent charm quite like the humble frog. That juxtaposition of subdued…

    Product Number: 280-1502
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  • From the blushing petals of its scalloped tin roof down to its freckled base, the Hollyhock Birdhouse will provide more than just a pretty perch for your feathered friends. This hand-painted metal roost is suitable for outdoor use during the warmer months. And brought inside when the songbirds fly…

    Product Number: 280-0900
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  • Capturing the hazy warmth of a lazy August afternoon, our Sunflower Tables are forged of aluminum and iron and finished with a rich verdigris patina. With a wide face of signature checks and a ring of petals balancing atop a long, sweeping stem, this set of two sunny side tables makes the perfect…

    Product Number: 280-5010
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  • Take wicker up a notch with our Courtyard Outdoor Coffee Table. A versatile piece that’s perfect for parking a summer drink, it’s fashioned in a timeless geometric pattern of black, white, and goldenrod.

    Product Number: 280-2052
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  • Take wicker up a notch with our Courtyard Outdoor Cafe Chair. A versatile piece that’s perfectly proportioned for our Courtyard Outdoor Cafe Table, it’s fashioned in a timeless geometric pattern of black, white, and goldenrod.

    Product Number: 280-2053
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  • Who says outdoor accessories can’t be both pretty and smart? Hide your garden hose and keep it from getting tangled inside the delicately patterned, faux terra cotta Flower Garden Hose Holder.

    Product Number: 280-7350
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  • Early birds, night owls, spring chickens, and old hens all agree—they’d be happy to call our Birdhouse Chandelier home. Lucky for you, this colorful roost is designed for your nest, with a quartet of birdhouses hand-painted in delightful pastels and perched on the scrollwork of a hanging fixture…

    Product Number: 280-0000
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  • Birds of a feather will flock to our Chicken Birdhouse. Colorfully decorated with stripes, our signature Courtly Check®, and spots, this funny fowl is full of personality. House has ventilation holes, a removable bottom panel for cleaning, and a rough cloth strip to aid young birds climbing out.…

    Product Number: 280-0961
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