• Tending the flowerbeds is no small chore on the farm, but the Butterfly Watering Can keeps our gardeners whistling while they work. This charming cast metal tool reminds us that while sometimes gardening means getting your hands dirty, there’s no reason you can’t do it with style.

    Product Number: 280-0015
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  • Our garden-inspired Peony Watering Can will sit gracefully on the porch or patio, ready to water your hanging baskets all summer long. Hand-formed with removable spout and solid brass diffuser.

    Product Number: 280-0013
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  • …a healthy dose of imagination is essential to any little seedling’s growth. Pamper your prized petunias with a drink from this dainty Tulip Watering Can, sculpted of patinaed brass metal with a clever parrot-tulip handle and debossed spots, stripes, and squiggles. A perfect pour for your…

    Product Number: 280-0014
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  • You’ll never call water plain again when served in our Tango Water Glass. With rings and buttons of dramatic gold lustre and a flashy fandango of black-and-white sashaying down the stem, this mouth-blown glass goblet puts a little dazzle in your drink. Sparkling or still, the captivating flair of…

    Product Number: 59300-161
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  • Like a single blossom freshly picked and placed in a bud vase, sometimes it’s the little details that set the scene. Our Water Lily Pillow does just that. Festooned with three-dimensional florals that leap off the cushion, it’s the perfect way to add a small touch of our signature whimsy to your…

    Product Number: 75753-073
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  • Scotland may be an ocean away, but with its national flower adorning our Thistle Water Glass, you may find yourself wishing for a drink straight from the Highlands’ finest springs. Luckily, this handblown Romanian glass goblet featuring wild floral decals, gold lustre, and Courtly Stripes will make…

    Product Number: 58802-650
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  • Paying tribute to the bright, colorful beards in our artists’ drawings of flowers from our gardens, our Bearded Iris Water Glass springs forth with mouth-blown, hand-painted glass adorned with vibrant irises, gold-lustre latticework, and a fetching foundation of sweeping stripes. An early spring…

    Product Number: 59300-013
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  • We have reignited glassware at MacKenzie-Childs with some truly exciting patterns and silhouettes. Here, a stunning spectrum of Trapeze Stripes sets the foundation for our remarkable Foxtrot Glassware. Lavish gold lustre makes it extra-special, but you’ll be tempted to dream up reasons to use it on…

    Product Number: 59300-185
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  • Gift bundle includes a Frog Plant Hanger and Butterfly Watering Can.

    Product Number: BUNDLE-0017
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  • …nursery, the Frog Pond Collection welcomes your little tadpole to the watering hole with the warmth of a sunny spring day. Our little farm comes alive in the summer, and we’ve hand-quilted all the happenings around the watering hole into our Frog Pond Quilt. Frisky frogs leap, shimmering koi breach,…

    Product Number: 78000-002
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  • …like the pond. Bringing the same juxtaposition of subdued and silly into the nursery, the Frog Pond Collection welcomes your little tadpole to the watering hole with the warmth of a sunny spring day. When your little polliwog is drained after a day of leaping from lily pad to lily pad, wrap him up…

    Product Number: 78003-004
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  • When it comes to pattern, Italy offers inspiration around every corner. In a technique similar to that of creating handmade Florentine paper, a color-swirled water bath creates a truly one-of-a-kind pattern on this Pink Palazzo Chandelier Shade.

    Product Number: 33201-037
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